Antibody Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Welcome to DxDiscovery

DxDiscovery is a biotechnology Research & Development firm. The corporate goal is to develop high-quality, high-affinity antibodies to microbial antigens. These antibodies are incorporated into rapid, point-of-care diagnostics, or they may be developed as prophylactics/therapeutics for infectious disease.

Our diagnostics portfolio focuses on diseases where current diagnostic methods such as culture or molecular approaches are too slow, inaccurate, or impractical for meeting real-world diagnostic needs. In other words, we focus on diseases for which the existing diagnostics have poor sensitivity and/or specificity or where the existing diagnostics do not deliver results at the point-of-care (i.e. require specialized equipment and/or user expertise).

To achieve our goals, we i) discover the microbial biomarkers that reveal a patient is infected, ii) generate monoclonal antibodies to sensitively and specifically detect those biomarkers, and iii) incorporate the antibodies into optimized immunoassay-based diagnostics with an emphasis on the lateral flow immunoassay platform. Our tests are similar in form and function to at-home COVID-19 tests, but they target different infectious diseases.

DxDiscovery has a history of successful partnerships with investigators at universities, clinical reference laboratories, and clinical care sites, across the United States. These academic and clinical partnerships contribute valuable expertise, facilities, and resources that complement the strong R&D capabilities of DxDiscovery.