Antibody Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Welcome to DxDiscovery

DxDiscovery is a biotechnology Research & Development firm. The corporate goal is to develop quality, high-affinity antibodies to microbial antigens. These antibodies are incorporated into rapid POC diagnostics, or they may be developed as prophylactics/therapeutics for infectious disease.

Our diagnostics portfolio includes products that will improve situations where current standard-of-care is time-consuming or has a high likelihood of producing an inaccurate result. The test platform is an immunoassay in which antibodies are used for biomarker detection. We discover the biomarkers and develop the antibodies that are central to assay construction.

In many cases the antibodies developed for diagnostics purposes target surface expressed microbial antigens such as polysaccharides or proteins. Therefore, we are currently exploring the potential of antibodies for use as prophylaxis and/or therapy. Our therapeutics portfolio aims to introduce novel products into the marketplace that offer advantages over current standard-of-care. We focus on diseases where conventional treatment – such as antibiotics or supportive care – is ineffective, not practical, or does not meet the needs of a given situation; we are currently engaged in efforts to develop antibody-based medical countermeasures to the Tier 1 Select Agents B. pseudomallei and B. mallei for exactly this purpose.

DxDiscovery has a history of successful partnerships with investigators at the University of Nevada-Reno, University of South Alabama and Tulane University. These university partnerships contribute valuable expertise, facilities, and resources that greatly enhance the R&D capabilities of DxDiscovery.